Monday, May 15, 2006

Tips for Terrorists.

This administration's efforts to eavesdrop and carry out surveillance upon millions of Americans is outrageous. Not so much because it's a direct violation of our privacy and rights, but because it seems pointless. If it wound up producing any useful information to keep us safer, what would they do with it? If history is any guide, nothing.

These are the same folks who ignored memos detailing Al Queda's goals to fly commuter planes into skyscrapers, paid no attention to reports New Orleans' levees wouldn't hold in a major hurricane, and dismissed international intelligence that Iraq had no WMDs. So, even if wiretapping Americans produced direct evidence of terrorist plots, they'd most likely do nothing with it anyway.

To try and prove my theory, I'm starting a series here on my blog called Tips for Terrorists. Here I'll post tips terrorists can use to help with their missions. If the government doesn't do anything to stop information useful to terrorists being openly shared on the web, then what good is all this surveillance? Granted,
this is a fairly obscure blog, but it should be easier to find than clues nestled amongst nationwide phone records. Okay, here's the first tip:

- Boomerangs are horrible delivery systems for Anthrax.

There. Please feel free to use the "comments" section to add your own tips. Recipes for terrorists will also be accepted. Onward.

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