Sunday, May 07, 2006

Greenspan on White on Pink.

One of my favorite photographers, Charlie White, has recently branched out into film. His latest effort is a short for Adidas where his unique ability to merge beauty and horror is put to use in full force.

Adidas' service, Adicolor, allows sneakers to be color customized. To promote this, they asked different artists to each interpret a particular color through film. Below is Charlie White's take on Pink.

Some have argued "How is this an ad? You don't even see any Adidas sneakers in it at all." Exactly. The type of people who follow Charlie White's work, are generally early adopters of services like Adicolor. They're much more likely to feel warmly about a brand which supports, and gives free reign to, artists of their liking. When they see work like this, they'll seek out who was behind it, visit the Adidas website, and tell their friends.
It all culminates in a feeling of discovery, which is much more emotional than the feeling one gets being spoken down to via a liar's medium like television.

By hailing the magnificence of color instad of their own logo and shoe, Adidas' color customization service seems to come from a company that's putting their money where their mouth is (literally) in regards to the importance of color in our lives. They appear as a company with a point of view, rather than one just chasing fads. I believe Adidas' target audience will reward them by spreading the brand's word on their own. I guess this post is proof of that. Gee, I'm a sucker huh?

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