Thursday, May 18, 2006

And Iran. Iran so far away.

Okay, so maybe Iran is developing nuclear weapons. But they've also got a very helpful fellow named Aideen NasiriShargh over there, so it seems like a wash. Who's Aideen NasiriShargh? He created PsycHo, a free and easy to use web-based application allowing Blogger users to create highly customized blog templates.

Not only has this guy distributed an awesome program for free, he's incredibly helpful. I had a couple of "tweaks" which I couldn't figure out how to make, since I'm no HTML-head. He answered my emails right away, and one time, went as far as placing the revised code into my template for me. So, if you use Blogger, and you want to change your template, give it a try. If you're thinking of starting a blog using Blogger, make it one of your first stops for sure.

An added bonus is he can help you in Farsi, if that happens to be your language of choice.

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