Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey, let go my ego!

I know of people who vow never to join Facebook. Many of them cite their fear of having their identity stolen as their main reason for keeping away.

To me, this is akin to Navajos believing cameras could steal their souls.
Let's pretend for a moment being on Facebook really did set you up for identity theft. In this reality, eventually, we'd all have our identities stolen. This could teach us a valuable lesson. Maybe we'd come to realize these identities we hold so dear aren't really something we can "own," and that we are too attached to our idea of "self."
But what's so bad about a future where I steal a little piece of your identity? After all, in this world, you've probably pick-pocketed a little slice of mine. My neighbor downstairs might have stashed away some of my identity too. He's probably after those precious years where I had all my hair and zero acne. In the end, we'd all own a little piece of each other. Isn't that beautiful? Our true connectedness would surface and we'd all become One.
I'm ready. I'll get the ball rolling. My Social Security number is 105-75-63... On second thought.

Monday, February 08, 2010

In the news.

In Antarctica, researchers have found five cases of whiskey buried beneath the ice for over 100 years. The researchers are now frantically digging through the ice in hopes of finding five cases of sour mix.

That was the first joke I wrote for my "Writing for Late Night
" class. I preferred the version below, but it didn't go over as well:

In Antarctica, researchers have discovered five cases of whiskey buried beneath the ice for over 100 years. They’ve also discovered Julie, the researcher none of them would have ever gone home with before, is now strangely attractive.