Sunday, May 21, 2006

Off to Seattle, then back home for a SPANKING!

I'm leaving today for Seattle. I'll be there for about two weeks to freelance at Sedgwick Rd., an agency that's done some really cool work, including this effort to keep kids from smoking. I'm looking forward to working with them, and to hanging out with one of my best friends, whom I rarely get to see since he moved out there a few years ago.


Pick a Sin and Swing for the Fences
was a sketch comedy show I co-wrote with a bunch of talented folks from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. The show had a four week run at UCB, and I had a lot of fun not only writing for it, but performing in a couple of the sketches as well. We've all been invited back to perform highlights from the show at SPANK, a weekly UCB show where acts get reviewed for even longer runs. Cool!

One of the skecthes I wrote, Baby Name Famous, looks like it'll be in the lineup. It centers around a Hollywood agent who believes the true sign of celebrity is how many people name their babies after you, and he works tirelessly to achieve that level of success for his clients. Come check it out on June 5th, 8PM.

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