Sunday, May 21, 2006

Electric Avenue.

If you're an Oak, Maple, or PIne tree, happen to be the son or daughter of an urban planner, or do something like free the slaves, you stand a good chance of getting a street named after you. There are however, more tragic ways to achieve such immortality.

On January 16th, 2004, a young woman named Jodie was walking her dogs along 11th Street in the East Village, when she stepped on a Con Edison metal service-box cover. The wiring underneath had been stripped of its insulation, and she was electrocuted by the current running through to the cover. In remembrance, the city named a portion of the street after her. Oddly enough, her last name was Lane.

If your last name is Lane (or Street, Boulevard, Service Road, etc.) and a street gets named after you, I say that's what you should get - a Lane (or Street, Boulevard, Service Road, etc.). Do we really need the "Place"? We GET IT, you've got a steet named after you. Jeez.

For a more moving tribute, click here.

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