Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A piece of my childhood, found on YouTube. Watch it while you can.

This was produced a few years before I was born, but I had seen it on television a few times in my early youth. It left quite an impression on me. I looked for it from time to time on YouTube, but it was never there. It seems someone posted it there almost 6 months ago. I hope it doesn't get taken down. It's beautifully and artfully executed. Enjoy.

Race relations.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hoax alert.

The Mars landing was filmed on the Moon.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

I've put a couple of posts up before about my growing collection of people with psuedo-sexual surnames oddly linked to their professions. Well, I've found another one to put up on the mantle.

60 Minutes
recently ran a piece about the determiners of sexual orientation. One of the research doctors they profiled was able to grow "gay" rats by altering their hormone levels while they were still underdeveloped. And what was the name of the doctor breeding rats that like to engage in same-sex activities?

- drum roll please -

Doctor Breedlove. (see for yourself - link)

It's as if that great scriptwriter in the sky is just phoning it in when it comes to naming characters in this short story of his.

Here are links to the other items in this collection:



Sunday, May 13, 2007

Call your mom.

Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cool video passed my way #3 - Stevie Wonder

Cool video passed my way #2 - James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince

Cool video passed my way #1 - David Blaine(?)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My latest pictures, and...

So, I haven't written for awhile. That means many of you may have forgotten what I look like. I figured it was time to post a new pic. Rather than go to Sears, I chose to have my portrait taken by one of those 1984 Big-Brother-is-Watching-You traffic cameras that catches people running red lights. This lovely snapshot cost me $382 in traffic fines, plus enrollment in traffic school if I want to keep a point off my license. I think it was worth it. I mean, come on, I look like a bad-ass in this picture. That robot camera really captured my true essence.

I plan on using this red-light-cam picture as my headshot when I audition this weekend for an Upright Citizens Brigade improv house team. Wish me luck. No seriously, if you are reading this before Saturday, hit the comment link below and leave me some good luck. I doubt anyone's even reading this now as I've been pretty derelict in posting. But, I thought I'd put it out there.

Yeah, so I'm auditioning this weekend. I've been doing a lot of practice with improv, and feel I'm making some strides. Here's me playing at a show with a group called Engagement Party. It's made up of folks from Improv Olympic and Second City.

I also got recommended by The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC to write for their LA theater's Sketch Cram show. That's a sketch show that's written and produced all in one day. We had this show this past Saturday night and it went really well. I really enjoy writing for these under-the-gun shows. A forced deadline combined with some very talented writers (I was really in awe of the other talents involved with the show) make for not only a fun performance, but a kick-ass day of laughs while putting it together. I wrote two skecthes. One about a passive-aggressive GPS for your car. Below is an excerpt from the other sketch. It's based on a real exchange between me and my new therapist I'm seeing for my OCD issues. (I had to get rid of my last therapist after she told me to watch The Secret.) Okay, here it is. Wish me luck. Seriously.

You know Josh, we all have two inner voices. A critical one, and a positive one. I think your critical voice is doing most of the talking.

How can I balance them out?

First, let's name them. What's your positive voice's name?

I feel like an idiot doing this.

You hear that? That's your critical voice. What's the name of your positive voice?

I don't know....The Coach.

Coach. Excellent. And your critical voice's name?

Uhhh...The Abyss.

Great. Now, every time your hear The Abyss talking, I want you to..

Can we stop a second? I'm not happy with the name I gave my critical voice.

The name doesn't matter. You need to...

I know, but come on, "The Abyss?" that's awfully pretentious.
I write bullshit advertising for a living.
I have no right to be walking around with some deep existential name for my critical voice.

Do you see how you're being crit...

Yes, I get the irony. It's almost as funny as you calling our 45-minute sessions an hour.

Very passive aggressive.