Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My 100th post. Let's pause for a commercial break.

Welcome to my 100th post. Enjoy your stay.

So, this copywriter (nice guy act
ually) named Jeff Kerrin sent his work over to R/GA. One of our Creative Directors looked at it, and then asked me if I had ever been an actor. I told him I hadn't, but that I've been performing improv comedy for years.

"Hmmmm," he says
, "because this guy's got some commercials on his reel, and it looks like you're in 'em." I figured he just thought all short bald guys look alike. Then I took a look at his portfolio online. The guy in the video certainly looked like me. He even sounded like me. Wait, it was me.

I had done these eight years ago. How could I not remember being in a commercial? Because I wasn't. These spots (spec spots, obviously) were made from my audition tapes. Back in San Francisco, there was a commercial audition for improvisors. I got there and was told to act like the worst computer salesperson ever. More specifically, a computer salesperson who knows nothing at all about computers.

The idea is supposed to be before you buy a computer, you should get information from those who are unbiased and knowledgeable about them - CNET. I'm a bit surprised he put these in his portfolio, since the production quality isn't very good. (Although you can't expect good lighting and sound from an audition set.) I asked him about his choice to include them (I called the number on his resume), and he said he felt the performances were good, so he included them with his work.

What are the chances he'd send these to the agency I work at? Maybe not all that slim, as our industry is pretty small. So, if you happen to be in our small little industry, and need a copywriter, check this guy out.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those had me rolling actually. Pretty funny. It is a good performance Jeff!

-Rob Hauer