Sunday, June 25, 2006

What to say when you're asked "what are you doing Sunday night?"

Look them dead in the eye and tell them "CAVALCADE."

Tonight marked my friend, Jeremy Levenbach's, debut of CAVALCADE, the Sunday night comedy show he's producing over Piano's in the Lower East Side.

Congrats Jeremy, and to all of tonight's perfomers, you guys put on a terrific show. The entire lineup was razor-sharp smart, and each brought something much better than funny jokes, they brought funny ideas. And, the show's FREE! Check it out Sundays at 8pm if you're in NYC.

Two of my favorites from tonight's show were John Mulaney, and Chelsea Peretti. Chelsea has a pretty cool blog where she sometimes posts short films she makes with a group called VARIETY SHAC. Her latest one is Road Trip. Take a look.

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