Monday, June 26, 2006

Beware of vague claims.

A dermatologist once told me to never use soap on my face, but to use a "facial cleanser" instead. I've taken his advice, and both me and my face have been pretty happy with the results.

I usually just pick up whichever cleanser looks the "cleanest" at the drugstore. Recently, I grabbed one which happened to say "age diminishing" on the bottle. Thing is, it didn't say WHICH age it would be diminishing me to. Apparently, it's diminished me back to puberty, as I now have zits galore.

This one on my cheek is from when I was 15 I think.

And this little gem on the side of my forehead is from a weekend trip I took back when I was 17, if memory serves me.

My voice has also started to crack and I'm having uncontrollable erections. This soap, I mean facial cleanser, truly is
age diminishing! Pick some up for yourself and see.

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