Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Are you New York license plate AMG4910?

New York license plate AMG4910. Even though our time together was brief, I felt something special. I think you did too.

Maybe it was the way you ran that red light at the corner of 10th Street and Ave B. Or the indifference you showed when I
slammed on my brakes and toppled off my bike. Whatever it was, I think some call it Kismet.

At first, I wasn't sure you even knew I existed. But when you drove away, even after I banged on your car to let you know my bike was a bit damaged, I knew you were just being coy. Our dance had begun. I was surprised to see you chose to stop at the next red light. I was even more surprised when I managed to catch up to you, since my brake was now stuck to my back tire.

Remember when I placed my bike directly in front of your car, so you couldn't pass? Oh wait, remember when YOU called the police? Adorable. You were even cuter when the police showed up and you explained how I was the one breaking the law by not wearing a helmet. That officer, holding back a laugh as he told you that law was only for children under 13, ruined an otherwise wonderful afternoon between us.

Things went down hill from there. I accidentally hit the other officer in the face while he was examining my bike, and got bike grease on his nose and eyes. And we both found out unless an officer SEES you run a red light, nothing can be done to you, even though there was a outdoor-restaurant full of witnesses at the corner who cheered me on as I raced to catch up to you. Alas, the officers, and ultimately I, had to let you go. You obviously needed to be free. I'll hold on to the receipt for my bike repairs, to remember you always.

P.S. Call me.

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