Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Planning ahead.

This may sound weird, but I find it very helpful...
Once a month, I eat cat food as one of my daily meals. Dry cat food, so it's not all that gross, and for breakfast, so I just pretend it's cereal.
This way, when I retire and that's all I can afford to eat, I will have already cultivated a taste for it and it'll be less of a shock. Eventually, I hope to ween myself off cat food altogether, and onto dirt. Even cheaper.
The financial state of this country is terrifying. While I know my retirement savings is to be considered over the long term, it's staggering how much money I have lost in light of what the CEOs of these irresponsibly run companies walk away with. And now I'll have to throw even more of my money into the kitty (pun intended) through my taxes, as we bail out our financial institutions.

My larger fear is nothing will be learned from this, as everyday Americans don't want the details broken down for them in the news. They seem to only get riled up when poked with the fear stick of gays who want to marry and Mexicans who want their jobs.
On that last note, it's not the Mexicans who are taking our jobs, it's robots. And once the robots have taken all our jobs, Mexican robots will take theirs. Adios.

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