Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fast on the track. Slow on the post

Months ago, I went go-karting in Los Angeles. I just now uploaded the pictures off my camera phone.
I had gone on (what I had thought was) go-karting trips before. It turned out those were pansy-ass maneuvers in cars that could only reach 15mph max, and were ultimately controled by the operators remotely should you try to bump people.

This was a different story. These went up to 45mpx, were gas-fueled, and you had to wear helmets and gear. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the cars. But, you can see all about where we went at

The only thing that got my butt in gear (no pun intended) to finally get these pics up was my friend Joe's visit to NYC (next post). I did this whole karting trip with him when I was visiting LA. I can't believe he got to NYC before I even posted these.

This bottom pic isn't blurry, it's me still vibrating from the ride.

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