Thursday, July 24, 2008

Did I kill Estelle Getty?

Just yesterday, I asked a co-worker if any of the Golden Girls were dead yet. One of them must be, I thought.

Two days later, Estelle (Sophia as the Golden Gals called her) died. Fucked up!

The reason I think I may have special powers is that
this has happened before.

Speaking of Golden Girls, I have a project planned where I take a Golden Girls episode, and dub in the dialog from Sex in the City. It's really the same show.

Sex in the City = Samantha
Golden Girls = Blanche

Sex in the City = Charlotte
Golden Girls = Rose

Sex in the City = Miranda
Golden Girls = Sophia

Sex in the City = Carrie
Golden Girls = Dorothy

Stay tuned.


danblatt20 said...

I think I killed her too. I began watching reruns of The Golden Girls at 1am recently. I also wondered if they were all still alive. A few days later, Sophia was dead. I even joined the Facebook Golden Girls Group . What a geek. Ironically, I got a Facebook notification from the Golden Girls Group and said to myself "why the FUCK are they updating me and what could they POSSIBLY be telling me". Clicked on the link and BOOM! Dead. Strange.

Rhonda Scharlat Hughes said...

It's so true! That they are the same show...not that you and Dan seem to have the mysterious powers to kill Golden Girls.

I was in Maggiano's with my husband this week. And, while waiting for our takeout we started to look at all the signed photos on the walls. One was of Bea Arthur and my husband asked, "Wasn't she in The Golden Girls?" I said yes, and somehow we got on the topic of how Sex and The City and The Golden Girls were basically the same show.

If you do decide to dub in the dialog, you can count on at least two views from my husband and I!