Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Jeff 4.0

To celebrate my 40th, some friends and I went to Commerce for dinner. Commerce was once Grange Hall, a restaurant I used to go to often but hadn’t been to since it closed years ago.

This seemed like a perfect place to have my 40th. It was immediately familiar, since they hadn’t changed the interior much at all. I knew where everything was; the bar, my favorite seat, the bathrooms. And a quick glance around brought back memories of dinners, brunches, and lunches I enjoyed over the years. Yet, the menu was completely new and foreign.

It was a lot like being 40. At this point, I know myself pretty well, but I have no expectations as to what might be coming next. I’m comfortable, but not so comfortable that I’ve given up on being surprised. Given how much fun the night was, I hope the rest of my 40's keeps the analogy alive.

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Steve said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jeff! Glad to hear it was fun.